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          Responsibility— the source of Geesun’s development, the moral character of Geesun staff
          The social responsibility of Geesun is "industry serve the country, innovation serve the country";
          ??? The employment responsibility of Geesun is "people-oriented, respect the soul, to build the community of interest and value of employees and business ";
          ??? "No excuse" is the basic attitude of Geesun people towards responsibility;
          ??? Geesun will strictly implement " system of post responsibility (for the work done by each individual at his post) " and "target decomposition responsibility";
          ??? Be responsible for our selves, be responsible for customers, be responsible for our family;
          ??? Be responsible for the results and next process;
          ??? be responsible for our own choices and promise;
          ??? More responsibility means more value.

          Integrity?—the cornerstone of Geesun people’ co-existence, the essence of Geesun’ enterprise spirit?
          ??? Do a job after being a man. "Loss credit, loss everything!"
          ??? "honest and trustworthy, seek truth from facts" is the virtue and principle of doing things;
          ??? Always shouldered the blame and own the courage to admit mistakes;
          ??? When a wild goose passes by, its honk remains. We should not spend our time in vain. We should do some valuable service to the later generations.
          ??? Integrity is not only a stepping-stone to success, but also a well-paid job to reach win-win;
          ??? The honesty to our families, customers, colleagues, shareholders and society is a kind of courage and self-confidence;
          ??? The true, the good and the beautiful are our eternal pursuit!

          Persistency—our attitude toward life, the source of happy work
          With the attitude of "earnest, painstaking, precise, well" to deal with every even minor work;
          ??? "Specialty, engrossment ,concentration" ensures good products, good management and good business;
          ??? Insist on fulfilling ones work and believe excellent comes from every post;
          ??? Lifelong learning;
          ??? Never abandon! Never give up!
          ??? Life is a process of waiting. The persistent attitude to view the loneliness and frustration will help us to find self-value;?
          ??? Since we are reluctant to give up or miss our dream, we will challenge ourselves and find pleasure in persistent process.

          Efficiency—the passport for Geesun to go beyond the competitors and take over the lead
          Rapid response, immediate action;???
          ??? Reasonable allocation of time;
          ??? Perfectly control the incident priorities;?
          ??? Active and well-intentioned communication;
          ??? The attitude to serve others will ensure better cooperation;
          ??? Be good at applying advanced management tools and learn from the summary of experience and methods;
          ??? Keep plenty of energy, clear thinking and quick responses;
          ??? Insist on results-oriented, like to hand over the results rather than hand over the problem;
          ??? Let the above be our work habits.

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